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Business Etiquette and Protocol:
Carolann Philips, the etiquette & protocol consultant, is the recipient of a ‘Certificate of Achievement’ by Sue Fox (author of Etiquette for Dummies and Business Etiquette for Dummies) and is a member of the International Association of Protocol Consultants® and Officers.
Etiquette is the art of doing the right thing at the right time. Etiquette is not inherited. It has to be learned. You can earn several degrees, wealth and fame but for real value, it is important to be polished and refined-just like a diamond!

As we move towards a global economy, awareness of cultural differences, styles, international time honored rules, and expressions are absolutely vital for one’s success and growth.
Awareness of Business etiquette and protocol are powerful tools that will give organizations and their employees the cutting edge in the international business arena of the 21st century.
Etiquette truly is "business intelligence". And well groomed employees reflect directly on the bottom line of a business.

We offer the highest quality programs in corporate etiquette, International protocol and Formal dining tutorials that will help participants to:

  • Distinguish them selves from the competition.
  • Develop and maintain business relationships with the 'cutting edge' difference of courtesy, image and trust.
  • Strengthen business relationships.
  • Project a positive, confident, professional image and reputation.
  • Thrive in any situation with finesse and polish.
  Program title Type Duration
  Professional Protocol is Profitable! P3 Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Executive Essentials to Exceed and Excel! E4 Bespoke/Open 16 hours/2 days
  Customer Centric Etiquette & Protocol Skills Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Business Entertaining: Dining that Differentiates! Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Business e-mail writing for effectiveness and efficiency Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Creating a positive environment: Corporate ethics, cultural diversity and appropriate workplace behavior Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Opening doors: Business verbal and non verbal communication Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Professional telephone behavior Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Overseas interactions: Country specific etiquette Bespoke/Open 4 hours/1/2 day

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