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Executive and Managerial enrichment:

Our executive and managerial enrichment seminars and workshops are designed and developed to enable individuals wishing to achieve the competitive edge in their professional role. Armed with winning strategies, participants gain vital knowledge and the essential polish to consistently present themselves at their best thereby leveraging their success.

Hallmark’s Executive and Managerial suite of programs is aimed at managers who normally operate at a senior or executive level.


We deliver the following workshops:

  Program title Type Duration
  Problem solving skills Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Conflict resolution skills Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Competency based Interviewing skills Bespoke/Open 16 hours/2 days
  Coaching and mentoring skills Bespoke/Open 16 hours/2 days
  Cross cultural training Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Leadership skills to enhance team effectiveness Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Building business relationships with superiors and subordinates Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Stress management Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Networking skills Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Customer Relationship Management Bespoke/Open 16 hours/2 days
  Delegation and Feedback skills  Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Facilitation Skills Bespoke/Open 8 hours/1 day
  Change management Bespoke/Open 16 hours/2 days
  Supervisory Skills Bespoke/Open 16 hours/2 days

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