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Hallmark Events LLC is unique in that we are the first and only company in the Sultanate of Oman to offer a comprehensive suite of programs that make a huge difference to an individual’s life and career. Our services include designing, developing and delivering events, workshops, programs and seminars that develop multiple interpersonal talents and skills which are essential for the growth of an employee and his or her organization.

Thanks to the Sultanate opening its doors to International trade and business, more and more multi national companies are moving into the Sultanate with business ventures. As a result it has become imperative for the local community to adopt good corporate etiquette along with other soft skills to succeed in the increasingly competitive business arena thereby enhancing their own growth along with that of the country.

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None of the workplace soft skills is ever taught in a normal school, college or business school. As more and more youth enter the corporate arena the need for programs in executive and global etiquette, communications, and other soft skills is ever increasing.

Our mission:

The mission of Hallmark is to provide people with quality events, workshops and programs that will enhance their knowledge, empower them with confidence, and enrich them with the pride that is necessary to project the appropriate behavior, image, and attitude in all business and social situations.

Our strengths:

  • All events, workshops and programs are professionally designed, developed and delivered in accordance with ASTD (American Society for Training & Development) standards.

  • Abundance of well scripted materials to encourage committed participation and learning.

  • Expert facilitators and presenters with international professional certifications.
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