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Outbound Learning:

Corporate Outbound learning entails the use of soft adventure activities and management games to develop various themes such as leadership skills, conflict management, communication and teamwork in a group of people.

Some of the benefits of Outbound Development Programs for the Organization are:

  • Responsible leadership
  • Communications improve
  • Heightened creativity
  • Performance increases
  • Lowered stress levels
  • Proactive participation
  • Understanding of resources and management of time
  • Increased trust and tolerance
  • Improved collaboration & issue resolution skills
  • A working culture that is open to growth and changes
Hallmark’s outbound program aims to take executives, out of the comfort zone of their normal office environment to participate in specially designed outdoor exercises and management games. These exercises are in turn reviewed and integrated to the corporate environment through debrief sessions, group discussions and action plans.
All our programs are run under a strict safety code of conduct and the activities and exercises are custom designed in accordance to the fitness level and cultural limitations of participants.

Programs are tailor made to suit the client’s need.


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