5 Corporate Training Courses Every Employee Should Attend

1. Performing with Emotional Intelligence

The ability to harness and manage emotions has been identified as a major contributor to improving performance at work. In fact, studies show that what distinguishes a star performer from an average performer is superior emotional intelligence (EQ). EQ is emerging as the single most effective business skill of this century. This course will provide employees with simple and practical models to become more emotionally intelligent and will benefit anyone who wishes to improve their work performance and/or advance their career.

2. Next-level leadership skills

Leadership is about the future. Every employee at every level must be provided an opportunity to develop and demonstrate their leadership potential, take ownership, and keep pushing forward. This course focuses on four principles of next-level leadership to improve employee capabilities and develop talent within an organization.

3. Work ethic and integrity

To ensure that employees meet the high standards and expectations of customers, suppliers, and stakeholders, each company must have a set of values at the root of all they do. These values form the standards of behavior and best practices that employees must be aware of, and refer to when facing new or challenging situations. Key aspects of work ethic and integrity include, consistently acting with good values, demonstrating respect through dignity, diversity, and equality, and guiding your actions with principles of confidentiality, honesty, and transparency in business and in conduct toward others.

4. Mutual support

The importance of mutual support, also known as “back-up behavior”, cannot be overstated. The ability to support one another is an important team competency that allows teams to be more effective. A mutual support system can be set up by all members of a team, and members need to learn how this can be done. Effective teamwork requires employees to be trained in skills that demonstrate mutual support.

5. Creative and innovative mindset

Training employees to develop a creative and innovative mindset boosts their performance and workplace satisfaction. The ability to be creative boosts performance. It is innovative thinking that pushes ideas forward even when they seem counterintuitive or outside the box. When this is encouraged, it creates a culture of collaboration and problem-solving that gives everyone a stake in the outcome . 

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