Etiquette & Protocol

Awareness of business etiquette and protocol are powerful tools that will give organizations and their employees are cutting edge in the international business arena of the 21st century.

Hallmark offers the highest quality training programs in corporate etiquette, international protocol and formal dining tutorials that will help participants to:

  • Distinguish themselves from the competition
  • Develop and maintain business relationships with the cutting edge difference of courtesy, image and trust.
  • Strengthen business relationships
  • Project a positive, confident, professional image and reputation
  • Thrive in any situation with finesse and polish

Programs we deliver...

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Professional Protocol is Profitable

Empower yourself to successfully advance in your career

Executive Essentials to Exceed & Excel

Demonstrate an image that earns you the credibility and respect you deserve.

Customer Centric
Etiquette & Protocol Skills

Leverage the art of business etiquette and protocol for more effective service interactions.

Business Entertaining:
Dining that Differentiates

Navigate formal business dining situations with ease and class!

Business Email Writing
for Effectiveness & Efficiency

Expand your e-mail communication capabilities for greater effectiveness.

Creating a Positive Environment

Corporate ethics, cultural diversity and appropriate workplace behavior 

Opening Doors:
Business Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication

Become more effective and efficient by expanding your communication capabilities

Professional Telephone Behavior

Strengthen your ability to successfully communicate over the phone with these invaluable resources and tips

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