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According to research, in every industry, there is a gap between the English language skills required at work and the English skills that employees have. 92% of employees surveyed, stated that English is important to perform their daily duties.  When employees use Business English competently in the workplace, it is found to boost performance – as it compliments many other workplace skills and behaviors. 

We design and deliver industry-specific training programs for employees who need to improve their English quickly, for use with clients, colleagues and suppliers both in person as well as on the telephone. Although the content will stress on all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing; the syllabus is designed to promote the development of English speaking and English listening skills primarily.

There is more emphasis on ‘context’, than on teaching grammar and language structures. Stress is laid on developing speaking skills and listening comprehension. Vocabulary is rapidly increased. Such a combination is highly motivating because learners are able to apply what they learn in their English classes to their job. Being able to use the vocabulary and structures that they learn in a meaningful context reinforces what is taught and increases their motivation.

Content is work-related, and includes culturally and geographically relevant vocabulary.

The program is delivered by a CELTA certified instructor, with international credentials in instructional design and training delivery.

Programs we deliver...

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Business English Skills Development

We design and deliver bespoke Business English Skills development programs specifically designed for employees who need to improve their business English quickly, for more effective interactions with clients, colleagues and suppliers.

Some of the workshops we’ve delivered:
➤ Let’s Talk Business – For Oil & Gas personnel
➤ Business English, the ‘Write’ Way –
For Insurance personnel
➤ Business English for Service Excellence

Let's Talk Business

Business English for Leaders, Entrepreneurs, & Senior Professionals
Is your lack of business English skills undermining your professional credibility, confidence, or charisma? Are you uncomfortable conducting business in an English-speaking environment?
Purpose: The main objective of the program is to quickly boost the business English competencies of entrepreneurs and professionals, who are otherwise successful and accomplished in their respective field.

What you will learn:
➤ How to use business English vocabulary appropriately and confidently
➤ Manage business activities like meetings, presentations, negotiations, conferences, writing e-mails etc. in English
➤ Discuss and respond in English on topics that are current and relevant
➤ Socialize comfortably with others in English

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