ICF Approved for 24 CCEUs

(Core competencies: 20       Resource Development: 4)

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A fast-track solution that will enable executives to coach others within the organization.

No prior experience in coaching is required.

Session Overview

Internal coaching refers to the practice of coaches and coachees working within the same organization.

This program, developed around ICF’s core competencies of coaching, is designed to equip participants with the requisite coaching skills, and practical coaching tools for use within an organizational setting – with the purpose of supporting an organization’s strategy. It provides executives, managers, supervisors and team leaders, with an in-demand, relevant qualification, to add to their repertoire.  

For life coaches, this program provides the added technical understanding of coaching in a corporate environment. The program provides a useful tool-kit – coaching forms, templates, examples, model grid, and a course workbook.

Course Objectives

  • Equip participants to prepare for, and deliver a successful coaching initiative within the organization
  • Demonstrate ICF’s core competencies of coaching, and enable participants to practice their application in a coaching conversation
  • Enable participants to apply coaching practices in a variety of contexts within the working environment
  • Enable participants to practice two coaching models
  • Develop effective feedback, active listening, and effective questioning skills of participants, as part of the coaching competency development process

Participants will be able to:

  • Prepare for, and conduct an effective ‘developmental’ coaching conversation in the work-place setting
  • Use coaching techniques developed around ICF’s core competencies to facilitate the performance and productivity of others
  • Use the CO-CREATORS coaching model and GROW coaching model for formal and impromptu coaching situations effectively
  • Learn to apply coaching skills and tools for performance management, and other challenging workplace situations
  • Promote a culture of coaching within their organization
  • Enhance their own professional credibility and overall effectiveness as a manager or leader
  • Add coaching to their professional repertoire of skills


Module 1: Definitions & Overview of Coaching

Module 2: Principles of Coaching

Module 3: Demonstrating Ethical Practice

Module 4: Embodying a Coaching Mind-set

Module 5: Establishing and Maintaining Agreements

Module 6: Cultivating Trust and Intimacy

Module 7: Maintaining Presence

Module 8: Listening Actively

Module 9: Evoking Awareness

Module 10: Facilitating Client Growth

Module 11: The CO-CREATORS Coaching Model

Module 12: Adhoc Coaching – The GROW Model

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