Coaching Certificate for Managers, HR and TD Professionals:

Elevating Employee Engagement and Performance

A fast-track solution that will equip Managers, HR & TD professionals with essential coaching skills, drawing from the International Coach Federation’s (ICF) core competencies, to enhance employee engagement and performance within organizations.

Session Overview

In today’s dynamic and competitive business landscape, organizations are continually seeking innovative approaches to enhance employee performance, drive engagement, and achieve sustainable success. With the ever-increasing emphasis on talent development and retention, the integration of coaching into engagement and performance management processes has emerged as a powerful strategy to unlock employee potential, foster growth, and optimize organizational performance.

This practical course offers a transformative learning experience designed to equip managers, HR, and TD professionals with the essential knowledge, skills, and tools to effectively integrate coaching principles into employee engagement & performance management practices.

This course goes beyond traditional coaching methods, providing a holistic approach that empowers participants to become catalysts for positive change within their organizations.

Course Objectives

  • Learn strategies and approaches to seamlessly integrate coaching into various Management and HR processes for maximum impact.
  • Learn and practice the key competencies defined by the ICF that form the foundation of effective coaching practices.
  • Identify and challenge common misconceptions about coaching within Management and HR, equipping themselves with a clear understanding of the authentic essence and potential impact of coaching in organizational settings
  • Learn and practice the art of co-creating a coaching agreement, setting clear goals, and establishing expectations.
  • Learn and practice techniques to facilitate client awareness and encourage reflection.
  • Gain expertise in collaboratively designing actionable plans, goal-setting, and establishing accountability.
  • Employ active listening techniques tailored to the context of HR coaching.
  • Learn to tailor questioning techniques to the unique challenges and opportunities presented in employee engagement and performance scenarios.
  • : Learn how to establish robust accountability structures within the coaching relationship, promoting a sense of responsibility and driving sustained effort toward goal achievement.
  • Learn to leverage feedback mechanisms for ongoing improvement, ensuring that goals remain relevant and adaptive to the evolving needs of both individuals and the organization.
  • Understand how HR coaches can tap into the unique motivators of individuals to drive sustained effort and enthusiasm in achieving set objectives.
  • Explore techniques to ensure that the pursuit of personal aspirations contributes meaningfully to the overall success and growth of the organization.
  • Develop strategies to identify and address resistance to coaching within their organization, fostering a culture that embraces coaching as a valuable tool for employee development


Module 1: Introduction to Coaching in Management, HR & TD

  • Understanding the role of coaching in Management, Human Resources & Talent Development
  • Overview of ICF’s Core competencies
  • Integrating coaching into Management, HR, and TD practices

Module 2: Introduction to Coaching in Management, HR & TD

  • Developing a growth-oriented mindset
  • Recognizing and overcoming common coaching misconceptions
  • Exploring the impact of a coaching culture on employee engagement

Module 3: ICF Core Competencies in Practice

  • Establishing a coaching agreement: Setting goals and expectations
  • Active listening and powerful questioning techniques
  • Creating awareness: Techniques for self-discovery and reflection
  • Designing actions: Strategies for goal-setting and accountability
  • Managing progress: Tracking and celebrating success

Module 4: Ethical Practice in Coaching

  • Ethical dilemmas for Internal Coaches
  • Importance of Ethics and Confidentiality

Module 5: Overcoming Challenges in Management, HR & TD Coaching

  • Key Challenges and Coaching Strategies & Tools
  • Addressing resistance to coaching within the organization
  • Handling difficult conversations and feedback
  • Ethical considerations in HR coaching

Module 6: Integration and Implementation

  • The Role of Coaching in Fostering Employee Engagement, Enhancing Performance, and Driving Organizational Success
  • Developing an action plan for implementing coaching in Employee Engagement and Performance Management practices

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